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SevTech's Heatmap example screenshot

The world generates in a logical heat map. Need snow or a desert? Travel North or South until you find it!

In this pack, the world generates as a logical heatmap which means that if you move in the north-south direction you'll walk through different temperature and humidity zones (just like IRL, but it wraps around, since it's infinite). If you need a desert, for example, walk north or south until you end up in a hot biome. Then you can walk east or west in this temperature band until you find a desert, if you haven't already.

Two similar zones are about 10000 blocks apart (confirmation needed)

Temperature levels change by the Z axis, going Warm, Hot, Warm, Cool, Icy, Cool, then repeating. The humidity levels change by the X axis, going Average, Wet, Average, Dry, then repeating.

This table shows all the temperature and humidity combinations.

Wet Average Dry
Hot Hot, Wet Hot, Average Hot, Dry
Warm Warm, Wet Warm, Average Warm, Dry
Cool Cool, Wet Cool, Average Cool, Dry
Icy Icy, Wet Icy, Average Icy, Dry

The player always spawns in a warm average biome.

Biomes by Temperature and Humidity[edit | edit source]

Hot, Dry Biomes

Desert, Red Desert - Traverse, Mesa.

Hot, Average Biomes

Plains, Mutated Plains, Woodlands - Traverse.

Hot, Wet Biomes

Jungle, Mini Jungle - Traverse, Swamplands.

Warm, Dry Biomes

Badlands - Traverse, Savanna.

Warm, Average Biomes

Forest, Birch Forest, Mutated Forest, Mutated Birch Forest, Autumnal Woods - Traverse, Meneglin - Integrated Dynamics, Meadow - Traverse.

Warm, Wet Biomes

Roofed Forest, Temperate Rainforest - Traverse, Lush Hills - Traverse, Green Swamp - Traverse.

Cool, Dry Biomes

Extreme Hills, Darklands Plains - Abyssalcraft.

Cool, Average Biomes

Taiga, Darklands Forest - Abyssalcraft, Darklands - Abyssalcraft.

Cool, Wet Biomes

Redwood Taiga, Mutated Redwood Taiga, Coralium Infested Swamp - Abyssalcraft.

Icy, Dry Biomes

Ice Flats, Mutated Ice Flats.

Icy, Average Biomes

Taiga, Snowy Coniferous Forest - Traverse.

Icy, Wet Biomes

Glacier - Traverse, Glacier Spikes - Traverse.

Biome Chart for Temperature and Humidity Combinations[edit | edit source]

Wet Average Dry
Hot Jungle, Mini Jungle, Swamplands Plains, Mutated Plains, Woodlands Desert, Red Desert, Mesa.
Warm Roofed Forest, Temperate Rainforest, Lush Hills, Green Swamp Forest, Birch Forest, Mutated Forest, Mutated Birch Forest, Autumnal Woods, Meneglin, Meadow Badlands - Traverse, Savanna.
Cool Redwood Taiga, Mutated Redwood Taiga, Coralium Infested Swamp Taiga, Darklands Forest, Darklands Extreme Hills, Darklands Plains
Icy Glacier, Glacier Spikes Taiga, Snowy Coniferous Forest Ice Flats, Mutated Ice Flats